Thursday, June 7, 2007

Rubber Ducks and Killing Sprees

After spending a lot of my afternoon working on Physics 299 homework and eating dinner, Goose and Mary came over. We played some small arms, but then the real fun came in when we played some swords and shotties on Halo 2. It's really fun when you play with people who are close to your skill level. There is always something happening, and it's not one person just completely dominating the map with no one being able to remotely come close to touching him.

I also finally caved in and bought the game, Super Rub a Dub. While the game has very cutsy graphics, a very cutsy soundtrack, and very corny phrases when you beat a level, it is very addicting. I don't know why, but playing that game can be as stressful or as relaxing as you want it to be. It fits almost any mood. I don't know why it got all the low review scores because it is a blast to play, there is a LOT of level variety, and there are 60 levels.

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