Saturday, June 16, 2007

Fiesty Fawn

I am currently trying to almost completely switch to Ubuntu Linux right now, and for the most part, it is working just fine. Here are just the few things that I don't have completely working yet,

Running an ad-hoc wireless network
Getting WINE to work, because there are still a few Windows only programs I have to run
and not being able to delete the files on my other HDDs which are in the NTSF format

Other then that, Linux is working great.

BTW, if you are reading this, please comment so that I know that people actually read this.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

How to die laughing

I found this while looking at some other blogs. I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Rubber Ducks and Killing Sprees

After spending a lot of my afternoon working on Physics 299 homework and eating dinner, Goose and Mary came over. We played some small arms, but then the real fun came in when we played some swords and shotties on Halo 2. It's really fun when you play with people who are close to your skill level. There is always something happening, and it's not one person just completely dominating the map with no one being able to remotely come close to touching him.

I also finally caved in and bought the game, Super Rub a Dub. While the game has very cutsy graphics, a very cutsy soundtrack, and very corny phrases when you beat a level, it is very addicting. I don't know why, but playing that game can be as stressful or as relaxing as you want it to be. It fits almost any mood. I don't know why it got all the low review scores because it is a blast to play, there is a LOT of level variety, and there are 60 levels.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

What a day

Friday night, I didn't have a terribly late night, but there were several people over in our room, and we watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Wonderful movie. I don't know how many dozens of times I have seen it, but I almost always find something new in it every time I watch it. Well I actually got into bed around 1:30 I believe. At 12:17, I opened my eyes and looked down. There was one person in the bed below me and two people in the floor next to the bed. I was like, ok. Well then a few minutes later, there were no people in the floor, and three people in the bed below me. I get my PSP and try to play some Pokemon Emerald. I don't know why, but it sounded logical at the time. Around 1:30 I get a shower, and then proceed to go get some breakfast at Taco Hut down the road. I eat that, and then Mike, Craig, and I head down to the J-town fire department to start working the road block. That was really fun. We were collecting money for Crusade for Children. It was funny that some people would call us over to just give us an excuse as to why they weren't giving money. Well we went inside because of the thunderstorm, and then went to Lisa's house. I had three first experiences at Lisa's House: throwing tomahawks, shooting a Thompson, and shooting this Thompson inside the house. That is what you call a Saturday.